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    Enviromental,Sewerage and storm water drainage,elecctromechanical fitting

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    Designand build construction,Electromechanical,Civil/structural engineering

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    murraming and road re-carpeting,resealing and bridge construction

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    Dam and Pan,irrigation and electromechanical fitting contractors

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    Geophysical, Hydrological Survey and borehole drilling,casing and services

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    Gypsum mining, crushing, supply and delivery,suppliers of crushed and screened sizes 0.8,0.5 & 0.4

Message From The CEO

We will become a global company which

endeavors to establish a great corporate social

contribution and responsibility under our management philosophy :

They promise we deliver" and "The power of technology is

the best value and competitiveness"


Since NAGHELLE LIMITED founding in 2001 as a business name and incorporated in 2009, we have developed to become one of the leading companies in the field of construction in Kenya. With an extensive list of experiences consisting of civil/structural engineering, electromechanical, environmental,sewerage, storm water drainage, design and build construction and other various projects, we have built up an impressive business portfolio that competes with world renowned companies all over Kenya. We have established the cornerstone of this business to be acknowledged as one of the global construction company established through human resources & technical management development under our philosophy: “the Power of Technology is the best value and competitiveness”.
The business is not only on a domestic level as we intend to established a local company in Juba and Somalia by 2018. Our goal is to become a global construction company that has the unfailing competitiveness to prevail over all circumstances. Most importantly, we are concentrating on developing our modern day technologies as well as in acquiring global human resources by the rapid and continued investment to raise the relevant business of Geophysical and hydrological survey,borehole drilling,casing , electromechanical fitting and services,and gypsum prospecting,mining,crushing,supply and delivery as our future growing business.
Our employees continuously strive to provide the best quality services for our clients and ordering companies. We place great effort in ensuring the best services to our clients by balancing the harmony between man and nature. To this end, we have developed an advanced business system that ensures the quality, safety, and environmental virtues to reflect our competitiveness on a global scale. The foundations of the company built on the firm ideals of honestly and hard work has kept us to grow beyond our expectations to become a leading  company all over East Africa.
Furthermore, we ensure the core values to go beyond the duties of work to services those on a personal level. We involve ourselves to become a model of company built on the mutual cooperation system with our associate companies as well as the settlement of mutual beneficial culture. We have been supporting as our corporate social responsibility the least fortunate in the community. Most importantly, we stretch our hands out to various social activities over the country as we commit to our corporate social responsibilities as a company to create a brighter future for  the needy.
We hope that you will join us as we encounter and overcome every new challenge.
They promise we deliver

Daudi Maina Kariuki, CEO

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Quality service delivery, good backup service, efficiency and cost effectiveness service to all our customers. Let’s help you help us, to make the day gone.


Our Vision

To be the leading construction company in East and Central Africa

Our Clients

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National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation
Naghelle Ltd Certificate
Chase Bank
EAST African Portland Cement
University of Nairobi